SGA election results are in

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  • Garrett Green

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Lauren Gorla

Last night Georgia Southern University students selected Garret Green and Annalee Ashley for the President and Vice President positions respectively for the Student Government Association.

Green is a higher education administration first-year graduate student. This will be his second year in a row serving on the executive board. He currently serves as Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs.

Green hopes to focus on serving the students by increasing the education on what SGA can do.

“I think that this year we’ve done a good job at getting out and educating people on what all SGA has done, but I think we can do even better,” Green said.

Ashley is a junior marketing major who has served in SGA for three years. This will be her first time serving on the executive board as a voted member. She has previously served on the executive board as executive assistant, which is a hired position.

Ashley hopes to work not only with GSU students, but the community of Statesboro as well.

“Outreach is important because we affect our community. We’ve been starting to work with city council to have a senator attend those meetings and we’re looking to implement that in the fall,” Ashley said.

Ellen Hogan has been elected Executive Vice President of Finance.

Hogan is a sophomore logistics major who has served in SGA for two years. This will be her first executive board position.

Hogan’s main focus will be on creating guidelines for fund requests so that students and organizations have a better idea of what SGA funds can be used for.

“Guidelines will be my first implement. There are some things that we fund and something’s that we don’t fund, and students need to know that,” Hogan said.

Azell Francis has been elected Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Francis is a senior mechanical engineering major who has served in SGA for two years as a senator. This will be her first executive board position.

Francis plans on helping students by working on scheduling to avoid ‘Hell Week,’ focus on the creation of a Second Year Experience Program and improving advising for all disciplines.

“I want to continue the great work Chad Harmon has started. We’ve done so much already as SGA, so all we need to keep doing is continue forward,” Francis said.

Keeping a close relationship with administration members would be vital to being successful, Francis said.

“I want to continue the meetings with the Provost, college chairs and deans and others. Communication is the only means to achievement,” Francis said.

Charles Glover has been elected Executive Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs.

Glover is a junior psychology major who has served in SGA for the past two years as a senator. This will be his first executive board position.

Glover plans on focusing his attention to educating students on the many different facets of auxiliary affairs.

“I just want to educate the students more about what my position is and what I’m here to do. There’s certain things that (SGA) doesn’t have power over so I want to make sure students are more educated about what’s going on,” Glover said.

As part of his focus on education, Glover will ensure that students know him as a person, not just a position.

Glover said, “I am here to serve the students so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t want students to feel like I’m some anonymous face or just a position.”

At- Large- 1727 voters

  • Kristin Walker 59.6%
  • James Woodall 57%
  • Bernard Green 55.9%
  • Jasmine Elder 51.9%
  • Ryan Kowalchuk 49.7%

College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT)- 1687

  • Austin Anderson 75.4%
  • Douglas Mrisch 63.1%
  • Amanda Mullany 69.2%
  • David Solomon 69.2%

College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS)- 1692

  • Stephen Breckenridge 52.0%
  • Chris Gubitoso 49.1%
  • Savannah Kennedy 61.5%
  • Kortney Knight 51.5%
  • Tiffany Scott 50.0%

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)- 1738

  • Benjamin Dyer 37.9%
  • Brian Griffin 51.3%
  • Kaitlin Kidwell 49.4%
  • Zac Watson 42.0%
  • Emily Grosshans 42.5%

College of Business Administration (COBA)- 1744

  • James Kelly 54.4%
  • Bryce Kinard 45.6%
  • Andrew Melton 45.4%
  • Cliff Padgett 46.0%
  • Matthew Pauley 42.8%

College of Education (COE)-1646

  • Jessica Bearden 71.5%
  • Briana Boyd 72.4%
  • Sarah Brittany Sandbach 73.4%
  • Arria Simpson 64.8%

College of Graduate Studies (COGS)- 1551

  • Jodie Beckford 96.8%

College of Science and Mathematics- 1562

  • Samuel Derr 80.9%
  • Rachel Metz 78.6%