Poetry from across the globe comes to GSU

Zakyra Colvin

International Poetry Weeks kicks off Wednesday with a poetry reading in different languages and translations.

International poetry night will be Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Forest Drive Building room 1232. It is one of the many events that will be going on this week for GSU’s international education week.

The Arabic club has collaborated with the Spanish, Chinese, French and International clubs to put this event on so that students can learn about different cultures and languages through poetry.

The Arabic club instructor and organizer of this event, professor of ArabicYoussef Sahli, had the idea for this event from hosting it at schools he has worked with in the past.

“When we created the Arabic club, we wanted to promote the Arabic language and culture on campus,” said Sahli. “Most people don’t know a lot of positive things about the Arab world or the Arab language and poetry is a very beautiful and respected art in the Arab world. We want students to learn about the Arab culture and also other cultures through poetry.”

Most of the students participating are students whose native language is English. Some of the students are in the elementary classes of their language.

I think it is really interesting that everyone has to be taken out of their box and read another language,” said Leandra Jenkins, senior general studies major. “They get to see how other people feel when they are reading our language.”

“Poetry has always been a very integral part of our society, said Hunter Walsh, freshman English major. “Bringing an international approach to poetry is something that will push the bounds of this medium and help break down barriers that have formed between cultures.”