Board of Regents approves Sustainability Fee

Cydney Long


The University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved the $10 sustainability fee during yesterday’s meeting, and it will go into effect this fall.

In a previous article, The George-Anne reported that the sustainability, or “green,” fee was to be divided into four sections, each one covering a different area of sustainability.

One part will cover sustainable efforts on campus, such as retrofitting buildings and re-lamping.

The second part will be promotional, which will aid in putting up posters and other announcements promoting a green lifestyle.

A third part will focus on curriculum and environmental education.

Lastly, a fourth part of the fee will be used to hire personnel for the Center for Sustainability.

“I know the provost is working with a group to try to determine how best to use that money, and obviously students will have a great deal of say in how that’s used,” Keel said.

In addition to the $10 Sustainability Fee, a $25 Expansion Fee for the expansion of Paulson Stadium and a $75 fee to cover GSU’s move to the Football Bowl subdivision will also be implemented in the fall.

Of the 9,390 students who voted in the fall 74.4 percent were in support of the sustainability fee, which were the most student votes for any of the three fees.

Keel said, “I think there are some very unique programs we’re going to be able to do, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what students suggest.”