Eagle motorsports provides opportunities beyond the race car

Davon Johnson

STATESBORO —Eagle Motorsports is a student engineering organization that designs race cars and teaches students about engineering at Georgia Southern University out of the Carruth building on Forest Drive.

Any student at GS is able to join the Eagle Motorsports program. It is a fully functional student-ran organization that builds and races their own Formula and Baja style race cars all across the United States.

The organization is under the international board of The Society of Automotive Engineers and their mission is to help students learn research about things in the engineering and marketing industry. 

The team has over 100 members with 20 new members recently added.

“We accept all majors and anyone can join at anytime during the semester,” senior Rahul Raghu said. “Our doors are always open and there is no academic requirements.”

The program has many hands on and team working opportunities that students can do.

Primarily comprised of engineering students, the program does not require any experience in engineering for students to enjoy the organization.

“We have had people in this program who didn’t know what a wrench was and by the time they left this program they could design one of these cars completely by themselves,” senior mechanical engineer Jordan Denney said.

Students a part of the program take full advantage of the benefits. According to their myinvolvement page, students can learn business, marketing, finance, engineering and team skills. Denney states that they help to properly build student resumes while they are a member of the MotorSports organization.

“It’s not your major, it’s your general work ethic and thirst for knowledge,” Denney said. “You get out this program whatever you want and people whose major is not engineering, that’s how we recommend they set their resumes or portfolios up by listing their projects they did while in the program.”

The team competes with other schools that have big name recognition and that have numerous sponsors near huge industrial areas.

“We compete with other teams from around the globe like Germany, Brazil, India and travel around multiply places around this country,” President of Eagle motorsports, senior mechanical engineer, Jason Kent said.

Companies look at what students have done extra curricular wise for any major and it broadens students’ horizons for jobs in the future. 

“I see this club as a really big research project because it’s a ton of projects you can do through cars, marketing, getting sponsorships, and multiply things that I can list out there that we do to help companies,” Kent said.

Students can get involved with Eagle Motorsports by stopping by the Carruth Building, across from Centennial Place, in Room 1015.

 Davon Johnson, The George-Anne News Reporter, gaeditor@georgiasouthern.edu