D.I.M.E.S gives three winners free makeovers

Alexandra McCray

D.I.M.E.S announced three winners for its first makeover raffle fundraiser today.

The first place winner Ariel Upshaw, a senior business management major will receive a full makeover, a photo shoot where she will get to keep the clothes and fashion tips.

“We’re going to doll the winner up for a glamorous photo shoot and then put the pictures up on the D.I.M.E.S Facebook page,” said Jodi-Ann Simpson, coordinator for the event and junior public relations major.

Second place winner, Rashad Small, a senior art major, and third place winner Malikua Rhodes, a campus custodian will also receive makeovers.

“It was definitely successful, we had a lot of people sign up and a lot of people donated. We made a good bit of money from it,” said Simpson.

The money raised from the make-over raffle will go to the organization and will go towards D.I.M.E.S 11th annual spring fashion show, which will be called Fashion and Film, said Simpson

Simpson said, “It was a good idea and a lot of people like it, it’s definitely something we’ll do again.”