Student archer nears bulls-eye

Cydney Long

Linda Stephens, a senior management major, placed second in the 2013 United States Collegiate Athletic Association National Indoor Archery Championship, hosted at the RAC on March 1 and 2.

“The fact that Georgia Southern had a fledging [archery] team was one of the main reasons I chose to attend [GSU],” Stephens said.

Stephens, who has been shooting archery for seven years, has been named an All-Academic and All-American archer.

“It is my hope that I’ll have a perfect record for my college career when I graduate this December, as a three-time All American and All Academic archer,” Stephens said.

She has placed in the top ten in both indoor and outdoor national competitions all while maintaining an exceptional grade point average.

“This is a division of our membership so those who are interested in trying out the sport or learning how to shoot can have the opportunity,” Stephens explained. “If anyone is interested in joining the Club, please feel free to email us at for more information.”