Outside the lines with: Oliver Webb

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Lucas Baggett


Oliver Webb

Year: Junior

Sport: Men’s Tennis

From: London, England

Q: Who is your favorite tennis player?

A: My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.

Q: Other than tennis what sports have you played?

A: I’ve played soccer, I’ve played rugby at home in England—a lot of sports.

Q: What is you major and why did you choose it?

A: I am a sports management major, and I chose it because I want to be a part of a sports organization. I mean I can’t see myself going into an office and working, so I want to be outside doing something challenging.

Q: What are your expectations after college?

A; Hopefully stay in the country, stay in America and see where I can go from here.

Q: If you could play a match against any tennis star who would it be?

A: I actually would play against Novak Djokovic because I don’t really like him. I would like to beat him.