Will the real Don’s please stand up?

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  • Photo by: Tasha Lund

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Cydney Long

An argument between the Don Corleone’s partners has erupted, leading one to open a duplicate restaurant by the same name in Statesboro.

Abdulbaset Shukri, the owner of the new Don Corleone’s, had a falling out with previous business partner Mohammad Khan, the owner of Don Corleone’s Pizza and Wings on Lanier Drive.

The argument led to Shukri opening a new restaurant in College Plaza behind Zaxby’s, which was named Don Corleone’s Pizza and Shawarma.

“I filed two lawsuits against them for using the name,” Khan said, because Don Corleone’s is a trademarked name.

The “new Don’s,” which officially opened on March 2, will not keep the name for much longer, Shukri said.

“We are changing the name to Tripoli Pizza and Shawarma,” Shukri said.

The new signs should be in this week, but it could be next week before they are up, Shukri said.

Although the new Don’s will soon change its signs, Khan is not satisfied.

“The Statesboro City Council allowed them to have a business license with the name Don Corleone’s on it even though I asked them not to,” Khan said.

Khan said that the City Council is implementing a system so that things like this do not happen in the future.