Students shimmy and shake in Statesboro

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Laurianna Cull

The students of Georgia Southern University can show off their best dance moves and learn some new steps at “Statesboro Swings Out.”

Hosted by the Swing Cat Society, “Statesboro Swings Out” will consist of multiple classes beginning on Friday, April 12 and ending on Sunday, April 14.

The Friday classes will take place in the Swing Cat Society’s usual meeting place at College Plaza Studio, and the Saturday and Sunday classes will be held at the Statesboro Boys and Girls Club.

“Statesboro Swings Out” will offer multiple styles of dancing such as Swing, the Lindy Hop and the Charleston.

“The free-style dancing after the lesson is my favorite part. You can try different partners and see what dances you like best,” Quincy Martin, junior international studies major and club participant, said.

The Swing Cat instructors will not solely teach the event. New dance teachers from outside of Statesboro will be attending as well.

“The thing that is most exciting to me about it is the opportunity to learn from and dance with people from out of town. When you dance with new people, you get excited about the dance all over again because it’s different,” Megan Bowen, event coordinator, said.

There will be a lesson on Friday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m. for beginner dancers that will teach the participants the basic steps and will guide them through the rest of the dances that weekend.

“It’s definitely an interesting, new, fun experience. You don’t have to have a partner. You don’t have to know how to dance. Just come as you are and have a good time,” Marchel Kemper, club president, said.

There will be more difficult classes available for advanced dancers as well. These classes will start on Saturday afternoon.

“I think GSU students would benefit from the weekend because it is the most exciting time to be a part of the club. It will have the biggest turnout of any of our meetings and the most exciting classes. Also, it’s totally free for GSU students,” Bowen said.

Participants are required to pre-register on the “Statesboro Swings Out” Facebook page.