SGA senator proposes ballot changes

Jay is a sophomore pre-med biology major.

Lauren Gorla

Student Government Association passed a proposal made by Jacob Jay, SGA College of Science and Mathematics senator, to change the election ballots to no longer include senators’ names on the same ticket as the executives.

“With tickets as they are now, for someone who’s interested in running as a senator or executive officer, it is nearly impossible to win without being on a strong ticket.”

Jay was also concerned that senators would be hesitant to run for an executive position if they knew they would have to run against a strong ticket.

No one should feel like they must join a ticket to be reelected to the senate seat or executive board, Jay said.

“The reason for bringing me back into this issue tonight is to make sure that we are making the right decision for the student body which will affect this and future elections and will ultimately effect the future of student government here at Georgia Southern,” Jay said.

Jay said, “Like most everything else, SGA is not perfect. As senators, sometimes we make mistakes and those mistakes must be addressed not for just the sake of every student on campus but also for our own integrity.”