High fashion in the Big Apple

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  • Photo by: Andy Morales

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Lindsey McCormick

The streets and avenues of New York City will take over Georgia Southern University’s campus as colorful chiffon dresses, fur coats and leather waltz off the cat walk and into local retail shops in the ‘Boro.

Hundreds of designers and models have gathered at the Lincoln Center to put on one of the biggest fashion shows of the year during NYC’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Today is the last day of Fashion Week that has been ongoing since last Thursday. With over 130 designer collections to choose from, many items featured in fashion week are unobtainable. However, there are ways to get similar looks and add them to your college wardrobe.

Some of the more recognizable designers include Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenburg, Juicy Couture, Whitney Eve and Calvin Klein. Project Runway even did a show with some of the clothing from this season.

There were many reoccurring themes this week as the runway moved from designer to designer. Perhaps the most common theme was the way that the designers are incorporating a more conservative style into their clothing.

This has been a trend even in local boutiques and stores in Statesboro. Peplum tops and off-the-shoulder dresses are great examples of this theme.

Betsey Johnson showed up with her usual spunk and bold collections. Johnson along with Mara Hoffman reaffirmed that bright colors, unique patterns and metallics aren’t going out of style anytime soon; no matter what season it is.

Their models were dressed in vibrant colored pants and different printed dresses and tops. A way that students can achieve this look is to wear a pair of patterned skinny jeans that have been seen everywhere lately, including Statesboro’s Entourage Boutique. Maxi skirts and dresses with colorful prints from Entourage are other ways to do this. They have a wide selection of dresses for $40 or less.

“I feel like a lot of luxury designers had had that ‘Downton Abbey’ feel; their clothes have had neat vintage patterns,” Leah Vanvalkenburgh, senior fashion merchandising major said.

Valentine’s Day wraps up the first week of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which will be on its way to London soon. It could be the fact that it’s V-day, but the Calvin Klein men’s collection will be the last to walk the runway at 3 p.m. Lucky for the ladies, they saved the best for last.