Learn to look the part for Career Expo

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  • Photo by: Tasha Lund

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Lindsey McCormick

Students and alumni will dress to impress in their ties and pencil skirts during a networking event at the Eagle Career Expo this week.

The Office of Career Services will host an Eagle Expo: Graduate School and Career Fair for Georgia Southern University students Thursday, Feb. 27 from 12 to 4 p.m. in the Recreational Activity Center.  At the expo, students and alumni will be able to meet employers from several organizations and representatives from graduate schools.

Students can meet professional organizations including Savannah World Trade Center, GEICO, Frito-Lay, Belk, One Life America and many more.

“I would try to dress business casual. Make sure that your shirts are cleanly ironed and if you’re a girl who plans on wearing a skirt, it needs to be knee length,” Angela Hendricks, head of marketing at Savannah World Trade Center, said.

Making a good first impression with potential employers can be done by choosing a proper outfit. Professional always outweighs personal, Heather Scarboro, coordinator of Career Services said.

“I would advise to shy away from showing too much personal style. It is important to be yourself, but don’t try to over-do it and forget the fact that you’re at a professional career expo,” Scarboro said.

Ashlee Addison, GSU student and Career Services employee, agreed that keeping it simple is the best way to go.

“You wouldn’t want to wear any brightly colored jewelry or anything of that nature. That wouldn’t be professional,” Addison said.

The last time Addison attended a career fair, she wore a full pantsuit with flats. Addison mentions that if students wear heels at a professional event, to keep it to a minimum.

“When wearing heels you should keep it at a minimum of two to three inches. Wearing anything above three inches is not usually viewed in a great light in the professional world,” Addison said.

For those who consider these professional style tips, hair and facial appearance should also be taken into consideration.

The Eagle Expo will give prominence to careers in the financial services, government/non-profit agencies, technology, sales, manufacturing and other fields. Graduate schools nationwide will be present at the expo in addition to employers.