Vocalist with original song wins Southern’s Got Talent

William Price

Friday night the Positive Moves Music Club put on its second edition of the Southern’s Got Talent show in the Russell Union with Robby Gadd winning first place.

Gadd, junior public relations major at Georgia Southern University, took home first place with an acoustic performance of his song “Just Kidding I love you.”

“The people that went on before and after me were all incredible. I was shocked that I won, to be honest, the talent level at the show was ridiculously high,” Gadd said.

Gadd is a part of a folk band named Centuries Old.  The band utilizes instruments like the mandolin, acoustic guitar, the violin and a banjo.

“Initially, I was supposed to perform with my whole band but they ended up not making it, so I just wanted to go out and have some fun. I never thought that I was going to win,” Gadd said.

“Just Kidding I love you” is an original song by Gadd.

“I felt a lot more confident playing with my band than in a solo scenario but for some reason it kind of relaxed me to play alone, no pressure sort of thing. I think that’s the reason I won,” Gadd said.

Centuries Old is set to record an EP in Savannah next month at Elevated Basement Studios, the set will include “Just Kidding, I love you,” Gadd said.

“The performers were great, they all supported and cheered each other on, they showed great sportsmanship,” Barbara King, PMMC advisor and criminology professor at GSU, said.

PMMC is a student organization that strives to bring students with an interest in music together through positive motivation and feedback.