Special machine to open students’ eyes to another race

Korri Curtis

Georgia Southern University’s students will have the opportunity to use a digital machine to see themselves as another race during “Racism Stops with Me Week.”

The Human Race Experience kiosk is an interactive display that will be set up in Russell Union on Monday, Feb. 25 until Thursday, Feb. 28. The kiosk will be displayed on the first day of “Racism Stops with Me” series, which will end on Friday, March 3.

The Multicultural Student Center, University Housing and the Office of Student Activities will decided to host GSU’s first “Racism Stops with Me” week.

The idea came from GSU students to have a whole week that addresses the stereotypes and biases of race. This provides an opportunity for students to have a discussion about various social justice issues to facilitate a learning experience about different cultures and ethnicities, the Multicultural Student Center Director, Dorsey Baldwin, said.

“One of the biggest things about the whole week is bringing to light some of the misconceptions and biases that people may have about race in general. I think it will allow students the opportunity to be able to discuss those in a very open and honest environment.”

The Race Experience has already gained the interest of several students on campus.

“It could achieve a lot if it is put in the right places and on the right platforms,” Miles Birdsong, sophomore pre-business major, said. “There is some racial tension down here, its not 1953, but there still are tensions between whites and blacks down here and other minorities.”

Students will not only learn the cultural aspect of race but the scientific and social impact it has in societies, as well.

“I think it’s interesting because it kind of opens up the floor for discussion,” said Multicultural Student Graduate Assistant, Quin Jernigan. “It gives you the science behind genetics, gives you a look into where race comes from and why people think it’s important.”