The Three Amigos of Comedy perform at GSU

Zakyra Colvin

Georgia Southern University’s “Racism Stops with Me” week started off with a performance from The Three Amigos of Comedy about stereotypes and challenges surrounding racism.

Oscar Collazos, Chris Clarke and Darren Rivera, the guys of The Three Amigos, said they came out to do one thing, and that is make everyone laugh.

“I liked that we laughed about racism instead of keeping it behind closed doors,” Kenyatta Braggs, sophomore psychology major said.

The three amigos not only talked about stereotypes surrounding racism but their own experiences. They also talk about how they met and why they do what they do.

“We want to be able to have laughter with it,” Rivera said. “There are some stereotypes that are just real. It doesn’t mean you are being racist, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.”

“Racism has been here forever and it’s going to be here, but it’s up to our youth to stop it,” Clarke said.

Clarke and Collazos met each other through Rivera, and not only have they all been working together for over 11 years, Collazos and Clarke are roommates.

“We met, I’m like do you know Darren, he’s like yeah, of course, and then all of a sudden, we’re like hey, let’s do this. Then, a couple of performances later, we realized, hey, this works,” Collazos said.

“I thought the show was hilarious,” James Surrette, freshman exercise science major said. “It was good mix of the more serious topics. Even in the funnier parts there was an undertone of how racism affected them.”

“It was funny and showed a lot of diversity and culture. I loved to see when things like this come to Georgia Southern that promote unity and a diverse community,” Candace Cooper, junior pre-law major said.

The three amigos of comedy brought some light and laughter to the issue of racism and left the audience with, “There are three things you can do about racism, you can choose to ignore it, you can get angry or you can laugh about it.”