GSU student lands internship in the Big Apple

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Lindsey McCormick

A Georgia peach will soon dress the part in the Big Apple as Georgia Southern University student Shannin Wright embarks on her internship at “Redbook” magazine in New York City.

Wright, a senior English major, has always been interested in fashion, and she is looking forward to dressing up for her internship in clothes that she may not have been able to wear in the Statesboro heat.

“Here, I wear jeans and T-shirts a lot because I have to go to class and it’s hot. I don’t want to mess up my cute outfits when walking around campus all day. Now I get to ride a train to my job and it will be a lot cooler.”

Two weeks ago, Wright applied to the internship at “Redbook,” a fashion-based magazine for mature women, and no more than five days later she became the new fashion intern there, she said.

“I think I applied for it the Wednesday before school started back up, and I heard back from them within the hour. My parents were really excited and they drove me up there that Saturday. My interview was on Monday and I got the job,” said Wright.

“I have always seen ‘Redbook’ as being like ‘Seventeen’ magazine for women who have outgrown ‘Seventeen,’” says Wright.

Researching fashion and studying the history behind clothing were two things that the fashion department at GSU helped her realize she loved doing, she said.

“The department of fashion really helped prepare me for this internship by teaching me how to forecast trends and to know what types of things go with what,” says Wright.

Wright offered some fashion advice to fellow students who are seeking internships.

She said to dress toward the field that you are in but not to lose your personal style. She highlighted keeping personal touches, but aligning yourself with where you want to go and how you want to be seen.

“If I had to work in a law firm, I would probably be wearing a suit everyday but I would still wear funky earrings all the time,” says Wright.

Wright will be in charge of the overall maintenance of the fashion closet at “Redbook.” Pulling samples for photo shoots or the fashion boards and organizing the closet will be a normal day, she said.

Wright said that she wants to show off her personal style at her new job in the big city.

Wright said, “I want to look really, really cute for my first day. I will probably wear a funky dress, a leather jacket, riding boots, and of course tights because it is going to be freezing.”