Students showcase cooking skills on ‘Statesboro Cooks’

Peyton Callanan

Georgia Southern students can make like Bobby Flay and produce and star in their own cooking show, Statesboro Cooks, in the production application class taught by Professor Tyson Davis.

The show is hosted by Davis and the students in his class, which airs on local cable since the spring of 2009.  The show airs seven days a week at 1 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 1a.m.

February’s line up will feature a conversation on diabetic friendly Hispanic dishes.

This episode is hosted by staff members from Southeast Georgia Communities Project, a migrant worker health outreach clinic in Lyons, Georgia, Davis said.

It’s the second in a series and will be completely in Spanish, Davis said.

The first episode shot in this semester’s class will take place at the Statesboro High where is BBQ competition will be held.

 “It’s very much a local show,” Davis said.”It is a student production, so you are seeing students learn, it’s not going to be perfect because you are watching an academic process.”

The show has been part of the curriculum for the production application class for many years but was revised and renamed when Davis took over the class so it could be more student focused, Davis said.

The purpose of the show is to give students an opportunity to learn and explore all aspects of field production, from being on camera in a casual setting, to experiment with shots and lighting, Davis said.

Its different and its non-journalistic, it gives them an opportunity to do something creative and fun and more geared towards them,” said Davis.

Each episode features a different cooking topic geared towards college students from tailgating to visiting the farmer’s market.

“It would be very interesting to watch them learn and see what they can make,” Dallas Peacock, a sophomore family and childhood development major, said.

Davis said, “It’s the most enjoyable part of my job. I can’t believe this gets to be a part of my job.”