IAMGSU seeks talent from student body

Laurianna Cull

A Vaudeville performance will kick off in March and consist of comedic short scenes and dances that tell a continuous story line while putting the audience in the thick of all the excitement.

The Independent Arts Movement will create a live Vaudeville production this spring full of dancing, skits and roll on the floor comedy, and they need students to come be a part of it. Vaudeville is full of witty scenes as well as slapstick comedy.

“Our Vaudeville will be a unique experience that any theater or music buff would hate to miss. Personally, I’m a little sad that I’ll be behind the scenes at the show and won’t get to experience it from the audience perspective,” Vaudeville coordinator Ron Barden said.

Kadia Scott and Ron Barden will release audition dates in early February.

“I’m extremely excited to see GSU artists come together for such a big project. I expect everyone will be surprised by all the talent at GSU and hopefully will show support for the performance groups on campus,” Vaudeville director, Kadia Scott said.

VVVaudeville will include GSU student performers and will be student led and directed.

“I used to watch all of these old Vaudeville skits that came on TV when I was younger. So, I am really excited about a live Vaudeville show at school, and I can’t wait to see it,” Allegra Johnson, freshman international studies major, said.

IAMGSU continues to entertain the members of the GSU community through their productions of Rocky Horror Picture Show Live and now Vaudeville.

“I had so much fun when they did Rocky Horror. I know the Vaudeville show is going to be really good too,”Erinn Williams, freshman history and English double major, said.

IAMGSU has different spring shows each year, and this year Scott and Barden chose to have writers audition and create an entire Vaudeville show.

It’s going to be an incredible experience for everyone involved,” Barden said.

Audition information for interested writers, dance groups and actors can be found on the Independent Arts Movement Facebook page, as well as from Scott and Barden.