Bus arrival pushed back

Lauren Gorla

The new fleet of buses that was set to arrive at the end of January has been postponed to a suspected arrival date of early February.

“The bus that should have been here on the 28th will not be here on the 28th.  However, the good news is that instead of getting just one bus, over a period of two weeks, we will be getting all seven buses scheduled for January delivery,” Kristi Bryant, head of Parking and Transportation, said in an email to Garrett Green, SGA vice president of auxiliary affairs.

The buses will be driving cross-country from California and are expected to arrive in Atlanta at the end of January.

“The latest estimate from ElDorado National production shows that all seven January buses will be shipping between Friday, January 25th and Thursday, January 31st.  As such, the first GSU unit should be arriving at National Bus Sales late in the week of January 28th.  The last January bus should be arriving around February 7th or 8th or so. The actual dates will be predicated on driver availability and weather conditions driving across the country,” ElDorado National production said to Bryant in an email.

National Bus Sales is a company in Atlanta that will inspect the buses before they drive to Statesboro, according to the email from Bryant to Green.

The remaining buses in the fleet of 12 will arrive after the spring break holiday.