Flag flies half-staff in remembrance of student

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Phylicia Gallmon

Matthew was a senior Graphics Communication major who was due to graduate this spring.

With a fond interest in glass blowing, Matthew planned to travel to Colorado after graduation in order to look further into the business side of the glass blowing industry, Jennifer Shaw, Matthew’s sister said.

“We have a few pieces he made. They were little pieces but it’s nice we have them,” Shaw said.

Jennifer and Matthew were both students at GSU together during his freshman year.

Jennifer describes her brother as being outgoing and so easy to get along with.

“My Grandfather said he would be a preacher or a salesman because he could talk to anybody,” Shaw said.

Though he was not involved in specific activities on campus, he took interest in other activities such as NASCAR Racing, fishing, a love for tattoos, and scuba diving.

Shaw said, “All of our family vacations were basically around some type of body of water so my dad and brother could go scuba diving.”