Eagle Dining Services administrator to connect with students

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  • Photo courtesy of: Eagle Dining ServicesJeff Yawn, director of Eagle Dining Services, will be answering questions via Facebook regarding the new dining plan for 2013.

Lindsay Gaskins

Director Administrative of Eagle Dining Services Jeff Yawn will be answering student questions about the new Eagle Dining plan for next year via Facebook today from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“We’re very excited about the new era of dining services, whether it be the facilities or the dining plans,” Yawn said.

The idea came from a conversation between the marketing and communications department and Eagle Dining, Yawn said.

“We want to offer any assistance we can to help you get the information out about what’s coming about the new facilities, the new dining plans and the new eagle express packages,” Yawn said.

“(Marketing) suggested I do that with them, facilitating the line of chat, and I said ‘absolutely, any opportunity that I have to get the message out about what’s coming,’” Yawn said.

Students will have the opportunity to benefit from this event by better understanding the information that has already been released, Yawn said.

“Some of the questions we’ve already received in conversation and through responses on Facebook,” Yawn said.

“Hopefully we’ll clarify for students that have concerns in being able to compare to what they have now and helping them understand better how we believe what we’ll be offering through the new dining plans and eagle express packages,” Yawn said.

“We will meet the need of all students,” Yawn said.

The Facebook question session will be accessed through the Eagle Dining Services Facebook page.