Police: GSU student hits bus, threatens passengers

Taylor Cooper

A Georgia Southern University graduate student boarded a bus at Allen E. Paulson Stadium bus stop Friday and began making threats to the driver and passengers.

Kalio Chimariya, from the country of Nepal, blocked the bus with his car and boarded it, shouting, making threats and talking incoherently, Michael Russell, chief of the Department of Public Safety, said.

“I think at one point he claimed he was God, claimed he was the police; there were no weapons involved,” Russell said. “He didn’t pick anyone out; he was threatening everyone on the bus. He threatened one of the officers.”

Public Safety was notified through an emergency call box and calls to 911, Russell said.

“The bus driver opened the doors, everyone exited the bus,” Russell said. “She stayed on the bus and talked to him. We were there very quickly. He was exiting the bus when we got there. We took him into custody.”

There were no weapons involved and no students were injured.

Chimariya was taken to receive medical treatment, according to crime log written by the Department of Public Safety.

Multiple charges are being brought against Chimariya, including terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.