Where were you, Eagle Nation?

Jackie Gutknecht

Eagle Nation, I am disappointed in you. Saturday, the Georgia Southern University football team hosted a second round playoff game at the prettiest little stadium in America, and the students of GSU could not rally up support for the Eagles. There were a total of 8,888 fans at Saturday’s playoff game, and roughly 2,000 of them were students, according to the Director of Athletics Media Relations Barrett Gilham.

I am personally proud to say that I am True Blue, but the fact that only 10 percent of our student body was at the playoff game is unfortunate. Tickets were $5 for students and you couldn’t even find a reason to go, but you had the money to go out the bar later sporting your red and black? That’s ridiculous.

Students need to be proud of their school and understand that at the end of your time here your diploma will read “Georgia Southern University,” not University of Georgia or University of Alabama. The fact that people don’t believe that the school that supports their education deserves their support in what ended up being the last home game of the football season is absurd.

I was proud to be a part of this university when we all rallied together and said that we believe in our school with the vote to support the fee to move up to the Football Bowl Subdivision and expand Allen E. Paulson Stadium, but now that Eagle Nation is turning their back on GSU and won’t even show their support how could they ever expect to get an invitation?

It is understandable that students would be unwilling to come to the game because finals week is approaching quickly, but the fact that students blatantly chose to go to a bar and scream at a flat screen TV instead of going to a game that you could have physically attended is sad.

You call yourselves GSU fans, but you won’t even support your team when they need it the most. The Eagles were projected to have a tough game against University of Central Arkansas, and as a fan you should have taken that as your personal responsibility to let those boys know you care.

Everyone said that UGA and Bama’s game on Saturday was pretty much the national championship game, but you know what? The Eagles are playing to be national champions too, and even though it is not in same level of play as the FBS, it is just as big of deal. What are you going to do when GSU moves up to the FBS? Who will you root for? The Eagle Nation needs to stand up and show their True Blue Pride.