GSU radio manager prepares for bright future

Isaac Carrasco

“The Buzz” will say goodbye to station manager Brandon Anderson as he prepares to walk across the football stadium with a degree in hand and two new job prospects.

Anderson has a big future in radio planned ahead of him, as he will begin his two jobs at local radio stations in the neighboring town of Dublin.

“I got hired to be the Count Executive/Operations Coordinator for two new stations in Dublin, Georgia. Kristie Maxwell, our program director, will be the new station manager for The Buzz,” Anderson said.

Anderson is a multimedia major with an emphasis in production here at Georgia Southern University. He has been hired to be the station manager for Magic 98.1 and another WEDB station.

“Magic 98.1 is more of a classic/oldies station, and the other station is a sports talk/news talk station that hasn’t been named yet. Both stations are WEDB stations,” Anderson said.

This new job will help pay off tuition and begin graduate school at SCAD, Anderson said.

“I was talking to my employer, Dennis Jones about working with WEDB, and we agreed that I can stay for three years. I’ll come back to Statesboro while also doing two years of grad school at SCAD and study audio design,” Anderson said.

Jones connected Anderson with the position in Dublin.

“I applied and sent my Résumé and I was offered the job. Dennis Jones was really working with me on this well and made a good schedule with me,” Anderson said.

“I am one of the ten advisors for the Board of Advisors for the communication arts school, and I’ve been exposed to Brandon Anderson quite a few times, and I was impressed by his work ethic. He is well rounded and uniquely qualified to do a variety of things for our radio stations. His extracurricular work also showcases his excellent work,” Jones said.

Anderson will begin working at WEDB after Christmas. Anderson took interest in other places but settled to stay in Georgia.

“I once got an offer in Baltimore while I was applying, but I figured I couldn’t handle it this time of year. I’m going to start in a small market and then take advantage of it in the future,” Anderson said.

Kristie Maxwell will replace Anderson next semester.

“I’ve been training for this position, and I feel that ‘The Buzz’ will go well with me as station manager,” Maxwell said.

Kristie Maxwell is a junior multimedia major with an emphasis in productions. She and Anderson have worked well together at “The Buzz.”

Maxwell said, “Working with Brandon was a great experience. He helped me in things I didn’t understand myself and gave me step-by-step instructions. I learned a lot from Brandon. He was a great station manger here at ninety-eight point one.”