Director of Career Services position opens again

Nancy Nish recently became the new director of Career Services.

Phylicia Gallmon

Nancy Nish arrived at Georgia Southern University on a mission to increase visibility of the resources available to students at career services but now GSU will have to press on with that mission without her.

“I do not have information about why Ms. Nish no longer works here but I can confirm she no longer works for the university,” Interim Associate Vice President Vince Miller said.

“By the spring we are hoping to have filled the already open positions at Career Services and will begin an extensive search to fill the director position,” Miller said.

Nish came to GSU as the new director of career services soon after the 2012 fall semester started and was unable to see her vision through.

Miller said career services will continue to hire faculty to properly assist students with reaching their career goals as well as continue offering services and resources to students.