Greeks to stomp the yard this Saturday

Peyton Callanan

The Performing Arts Center will come alive this weekend with Georgia Southern University’s NAACP chapter’s third annual Stompfest on Saturday at 7 p.m.

The Greek step show will consist of over six teams all competing with for a grand prize of $3,500.

“It’s a good time and it grows every year,” William Hill, senior general studies major, said.

The show is $20 dollars, and tickets can be purchased at It’s open to not only GSU students but the general public as well.

Hill coordinated the event and has been working to make it a fun and exciting show that anyone can enjoy, Hill said.

This year’s teams come not only from GSU but all over the state, Hill said.

NAACP hopes to continue to let the show grow and maybe move it to a bigger venue in the future, Hill said.

The first Stompfest was held in 2010, and last year’s show sold out. Tickets for this year’s show are going quickly.

“It’s a good show and well put together. It’s clean and fun, and anyone can enjoy it,” Hill said.

“Being apart of this event is such an honor and opportunity to show people what we’re made of,” Clydrecus Patman, freshman music education major at East Georgia, said.

Patman is competing with Forte Step Team at Stompfest for the first time.

“I believe the crowd will quite enjoy it, and after they see all the performances, they will most definitely want to be apart of an organization,” Patman said.

“Anytime you can come together with a common goal it is a miraculous thing,“ Ralphie Lysias, senior exercise science major and member of GSU’s NAACP, said.

NAACP hosts this event because it showcases the unity of the organizations that participate in it. Being able to do the movements in unison is a production of the organizations bond, Lysias said.

Lysias said, “I hope that it shows what they can do.”