Eagles to win in Bison battle

Jannah Bolds

Boy, was that a touch loss last week for the Eagles or what? Now, they will not have another shot at a Southern Conference team unless they are able to play someone in the playoffs.

However, looking forward, the Eagles will have two more chances to get their record in better looking shape if they want their playoff seed to improve.

Since the Eagles have never had a matchup with Howard University Bison before, many questions like “What do they look like? How fast are they? What kind of offense do they run? Do they really stand a chance at beating us?”

Truth is, yes, because essentially, every team has the opportunity to beat the other no matter how small the margin is. But, since the Bison and GSU are not in the same conference, and each conference houses teams with different playing abilities, the Eagles are ultimately are a better, more athletic team.

Although GSU has lost a few players due to suspension and medical reasons I believe that they still have a strong chance of overcoming their new opponents. With doing this though, the Eagles are going to have to keep some of HU’s key players in check. HU players like their All-American linebacker Keith Pough are tough to prepare for.

In the end though, I think that the Eagles will still fight, fight, fight hard enough to send the Bison back to Washington D.C. with a score of 31-17