Student organizations face off on dance floor

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William Price

Student organizations from every corner of campus are coming together this homecoming week for a dance competition like no other at this year’s Doo-Dah/Step Dance Competition.

“Doo-Dah and Step Show are definitely a ton of fun for students attending and performing,” Laila Abdallah, president of the host organization, University Programming Board, said.

The show will begin at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Hanner Field House. The event will run approximately two hours. This year’s event will also be free.

“This event provides a unique opportunity for GSU students to perform on a large scale, where they wouldn’t get to normally,” Abdallah said.

The competition consists of three parts, the first being Doo-Dah, which is a dance routine performed by non-dance organizations. There will also be a step portion that all organizations are eligible for, as well as the dance segment, where dance organizations will compete against each other. Each competition awards $200 to the winner. The step and Doo-Dah competitions also give $100 to second place and $50 to third.

“Some performances at this year’s show will also carry over the superhero homecoming theme and incorporate that into their routines,” Abdallah said.

“It’s great to see the fun spin on the theme, the organizations are all truly creative,” Brittany Bullock, president of Operations & Finance at UPB, said.

Many organizations competing in the Doo-Dah plan on incorporating the superhero theme or story line to make their performance unique, Bullock said.

Each organization will field a group of six to 12 performers and be allowed five minutes to complete their routine. Each routine will be set to each student organization’s personal choice.

“Students are so busy these days and they still always manage to create extremely unique routines, they make the show,” Bullock said.

Abdallah said, “I think anyone attending the event will have a very fun time no matter if you know anything about dance or not, I can’t wait.”