‘Fiddler on the Roof’ brings tradition to the PAC

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Lindsey McCormick

“Traditions, traditions” will shine brightly this Friday as The Prather Entertainment Group presents their applauded performance “Fiddler on the Roof.”

The performance stars Tevye, a father of five daughters, who tries to keep his family together while maintaining his Jewish traditions.

“Most people’s favorite part about the play is the amount of heart and family that is shown. It is one of the best written plays, and it really transcends to anyone who is watching it,” Dean Sobon, play director said.

Sobon is the director of Fiddler on the Roof” for the fourth year this year. Previous years he was an actor in the performance. He played the part of Feydka and met his current wife on set.

“I really enjoy this play because it sends a good message of tradition and tolerance and love to the audience,” Sobon said.

The play is set in Russia during the pre WWII era. Tevye’s three oldest daughters are seeking husbands through a village matchmaker. Their choices of husbands however go against Tevye’s Jewish traditions. While Tevye must choose between his daughter’s happiness and his religious values, the tzar of Russia exiles all Jews from the village.

Prather Entertainment Group is based out of Lancaster, Pa. and Fort Meyers, Fla. Now into their sixth season on tour, the group premiered in Boston with “Beehive,” “Footloose,” “The Wedding Singer” and “All Shook Up.” “Fiddler on the Roof” started showing in October and has been capturing hearts around the country and making its way to Georgia Southern University.

GSU is bringing in the Prather Entertainment Group to offer something different to the community of Statesboro.  In previous years, the Performing Arts Center has hosted other well renowned performances like “Rent” and Luke Creswell’s “Stomp.”

“We chose ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ because it is something that everyone is familiar with. If you type in some of the songs on Youtube and listen to them, you will probably recognize a few,” Stacie McDaniel, PAC house manager said.

Joseph Stein, who won a best author of a musical award in 1965 for the play, wrote “Fiddler on the Roof”. Fiddler on the roof is a deemed as a musical masterpiece by the New York Times. Some of the most popular musical pieces include “If I was a Rich Man,” “Match Maker,” “L’Chaim” and “Do you Love Me.”

“If I had to choose my favorite musical number, it would be ‘Do you Love Me.’ Tevye questions his wife about loving him because they had an arranged marriage, but they rediscover their love in this song,” McDaniel said.

“Fiddler on the Roof” will be shown at the PAC at 7:30 pm on Nov. 30. Ticket prices are $10 for GSU students and $36 for the public.