Eagles should have defensive win

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Kevin Gregan

The Eagles are set to battle the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mocs on Saturday, which leaves many people puzzled.

What in the world is a Moc??

Well according to the UTC website, Moc is short for the Tennessee state bird, the Mockingbird.

Despite being an extremely annoying bird that keeps people awake at awkward times, the Moc is a “fiercely territorial creature” that protects its home with courage, determination and skill.

Well, the Mocs are going to need a lot of those three qualities because they’re about to face off against the Eagles.

Along with being a bigger and more powerful bird, the Eagles can boast a stronger offense than the Mocs, who are ranked third in the Southern Conference as opposed to GSU, who is ranked first.

Both defenses are actually pretty proficient by the numbers, so a lower score should be expected. The Eagles are ranked first in the SoCon in total defense and the Mocs are close behind in second.

With most defensive games, the winner of the turnover battle is usually given the best chance to win the game.

The Mocs protect the ball better than the Eagles, and they have caused six more turnovers than they’ve given up. GSU has coughed up two more turnovers than they’ve taken.

Assuming the Eagles protect the football from a bunch of birds that really have no chance against an Eagle in nature, and the defense continues to play well, the Eagles will be victorious by a score of 24-13.