Renovated Lakeside may utilize eye scanners

Isaac Carrasco

Eagle Dining Services revealed that eye scanners might be a part of Lakeside Café’s new technology once renovations are complete next year.

“It is being considered that Georgia Southern may use iris scanners so that if students forget their I.D’s, they can still enter,” Administrative Coordinator of Eagle Dining Services Michael Murphy said.

“It takes a picture of your eyes and uses that as a reference,” Murphy said.

Eagle Dining employees were not able to reveal what other technologies Lakeside will potentially use.

“If we were to tell you what technology that will be used, plans for using them would be canceled,” Murphy said.

Other potential amenities Lakeside will be using are kept under wraps, Murphy said.

“We’re only able to tell you about the iris scanners,” Murphy said.

Murphy declined to comment on the name of the manufacturers of the new technology.

Richard Wynn, director administrative of the Eagle Card Program, could not be reached for comment by press time.

Juneau Construction Company, the company in charge of Lakeside’s renovation, could not be reached for comment by press time.