Scary Movie Surprise: 5 Spooky Must-See Movies on Netflix

Ashton Christianson

Halloween is just around the corner. Since we have started our spooky season craze, here are some movies on Netflix that will help get you into that creepy, spooky vibe. 

As Above so Below 

This movie takes you into the heart of the catacombs under Paris streets in search of treasure. A treasure hunting archaeologist goes on a hunt for a treasure that she has been searching for her whole life. While beneath Paris, she runs into many creepy creatures that start to pick her team off one by one. 

Carrie (1976)

This is a movie that has been redone since its first release, but the classic version from the 70s is on Netflix. Carrie is a young high schooler with unique powers who is at the bottom of the high school food chain. She has a very suppressive mother as well, which makes it hard for her to be a normal teen. This movie shows just how mean teens can be. 

The Babysitter 

This is a comedic take on a scary movie about rituals with young teens trading things, like life and the blood of a virgin, for things of riches and beauty. They end up having a shock when the young boy who is their virgin blood starts to fight back.


If you like The Conjuring series, odds are you will enjoy this movie, too. Veronica is based off a true story that involves the possession of a young teenage girl. She and her friends play around trying to summon the spirit of her father—only to find out it’s something different.


After a women inherits a large estate that is haunted by Casper and his family, she hires someone to help get them out. A father-and-daughter team head to the house to help the ghosts move on, but Casper starts to develop feelings for the young daughter.

There are a wide variety of movies on Netflix, from a comedic take on scary movies to gruesome scares. Many more movies like these are available on Netflix for you to get in the mood for the Halloween season.