A Creamin’ is comin’

The Bold Opinion

Jannah Bolds

Last week the Eagles looked to ‘get er done’ against the team that was supposed to be the best in the Southern Conference, until they met the Eagles and the scoreboard boasted that 35-16 score at the end of the game.

Anyway, this weekend against Western Carolina will be a much easier win for the Eagles. The Catamounts have a terrible record of 0-3 in the SoCon and 1-4 overall.

WCU has constantly struggled to get their act together the entire season, especially with an unstable offense.

WCU’s sophomore quarterback, Eddie Sullivan, is young and isn’t putting up many impressive numbers this season. He also likes to throw the ball voluntarily to the opposing team. He has been picked off of five times so far this season, and with all the anticipation that the Eagle defense has, it could possibly lead to many pick sixes.

Over all, the Eagles are a much better and well-developed team and will have no problem running over those kitty-Catamounts. I believe that GSU might have the opportunity to shut out their opponents just like they did Jacksonville on their season opener. I said “might” now; don’t go quoting me on that last one. But I do think that the Eagles will rack up a score of 45-10 this weekend.