GSU Wi-Fi restored after unknown issue

Lindsay Gaskins

On-campus Wi-Fi issues resolved

3:27 p.m.

At 2:36 p.m. Information Technology Services received an email from Director Administrative of Networking and Telecommunications Ann Hill person that the Wi-Fi problems were resolved.

Hill was not available for comment when telephoned.

Other persons in the IT Services department and Networking and Telecommunications department were also not available for comment before article was posted.

GSU Wi-Fi down, cause unknown

2:10 p.m.

Georgia Southern University Wi-Fi connection is currently down as of 10:30 this morning.

GSU does not know the cause of the loss of connection, Vice President of Information Technology Services Steve Burrell said.

“The university networking staff is currently working on the problem,” Burrell said.

Burrell said the administration side and classrooms should all be working accordingly besides the Wi-Fi issue.

Article will be updated as new information is released.