GSU PD in search for campus robbery suspects

Taylor Cooper

Georgia Southern University Police Department is currently searching for two unidentified black males believed to be responsible for a strong armed robbery committed between Kennedy Hall and Southern Courtyard on Sunday at 1:29 a.m.

The victim was walking on the Lanier Drive sidewalk when he was approached by the two suspects with short hair wearing black clothing. They asked for his assistance in finding a lost cell phone according to an incident report from the Office of Public Safety.

While the victim was searching for the phone, one man pushed him to the ground and held him down while the other punched him several times, leaving him with a split lip and torn pants pocket, according to the report.

The suspects took $41.00 from the victim in the form of two $20 bills and a single $1 bill, according to the report.

The two black males fled in the direction of F Lot, between Lanier Drive and Southern Pines, according to a campus alert issued by the Office of Public Safety.

Public Safety attempted to identify the suspects’ car using security cameras, but was unable to. There is no description of the car in the report.

The suspects are described as being of average height, unknown weight, short hair, and black clothing. The clothing had no visible logos, and no facial hair or distinguishing marks were discernible, according to the report.

The Department of Public Safety did not respond to requests for comment before this article was published.