Eagles to smother the Phoenix fire

The Bold Opinion

Jannah Bolds

Since the Eagles are looking to bounce back from the upset two weeks ago against The Citadel, there’s no doubt that GSU is going to come out throwin’ bows.

Last season the Eagles stomped that Elon Phoenix fire out winning 41-14, and this year with the same, if not more, drive, they will do it again. However, the Eagles will absolutely have to stay on top of their game if they don’t want Elon to catch them slipping.

Two weeks ago against the Bulldogs, the Eagles must have eaten some popcorn before the game because they had the case of the butter fingers. They juggled and lost the ball five times offensively, and if they don’t want Elon to take advantage of them, they should probably play ball hog and keep the pigskin to themselves.

Another thing the Eagles are on the scout for is that Elon is a very pass aggressive team, unlike the Eagles. Elon’s senior quarterback has a cannon attached to his torso and J.J. Wilcox, along with the rest of the Eagle secondary will have to be on their toes, literally, to keep up.

With all this said, the Eagles have had plenty of time to prepare and are ready to redeem themselves. The Eagles are going to finish the game on top 35-17.