Beat the blame game educates students on sexual assault prevention

Davon Johnson

STATESBORO —Georgia Southern University hosted Beat the Blame Game Wednesday evening at the Nessmith-Lane Center to educate students on sexual assault prevention.

The event is a part of the “It’s On Us” campaign and utilizes real life cases to illustrate how individuals are all vulnerable to victim blaming.

Victim blaming refers to when the victim of a crime or any maltreatment are held entirely or partially responsible for the transgressions committed against them.

This interaction prevention is a powerful reality check that provides students with the tools they need to stay safe.

Senior Educator Anthony Dinicola who came from Chicago has worked with sexual assault prevention for 12 years was able to talk to students on what needs to be done to stop victim blaming and sexual assualt.

“We should treat each other like humans because there are a lot more of us than there are of them,” Dinicola said. “Talk about this stuff a little bit more so I can talk about this stuff a little bit less.”

The event had students giving their intake on what can be done to prevent sexual assault such as “watch your surroundings” and “if I didn’t ask for consent then it’s no” was the most common replies.

“Predators could be anywhere whether it’s on or off campus,” sophomore pre nursing major Ciara Perez said. “Men and women should be aware because it happens with both genders.”

It’s On Us will be hosting National Coming Out Day: Sexual Violence & the LGBTQ+ on Friday from 12 noon to 3p.m. at Centennial Place Courtyard. 

Davon Johnson, The George-Anne News Reporter,