Know where to go when buying beer

Marissa Martin

Beer runs can be the most important task to make a good pre-game, but before emptying your wallet consider how much you’re willing to blow on beer and if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Purchasing the right amount of beer for the right price sounds like more homework than a trip to the ‘beer cave’.  To get a budget friendly weekend started know where to go when buying your beer.

“I definitely consider prices when buying beer and I try not to spend more than twenty dollars every week,” Natalie Kramer, junior pre-nursing major, said. “I don’t know who has the best prices but I would have to say the Fast and Easy.”

Contrary to Kramer’s belief, gas stations have the highest average prices on commercial beers and offer little selection when it comes to craft beers. A 24 pack of Budweiser is $18.99 at Parker’s across from Paulson stadium and the Hot Stop gas station near Southern Pines.

“I try to save money where I can and I usually buy bud light. I spend around twenty dollars for a twenty-four pack,” Molly Edenfield, senior hotel and restaurant management major, said.

Overall, Wal-Mart had the lowest prices with a 24 pack of Budweiser for $17.97. This Statesboro hot spot had the lowest average prices on commercial beer but they do not offer a large selection of craft brews.

A new beer and wine seller opened this year, TomsBeverageandTobacco in College Plaza behind Zaxby’s on Fair Road that offers the variety that Statesboro was missing.

“I thought Statesboro needed a bigger, nicer store,” Tom Driskell, owner of Tom’s Beverage and Tobacco, said.

Tom’s has the largest selection of craft brews and place the ratings of beer from above each one.

“We have 290 different kinds of beer in the store: craft, imports and the whole nine yards,” Driskell said.

Tom’s offers variety with select beers but this unique variety comes with a price. The average cost for a 24 pack of Budweiser was $19.49, which is $2.03 more than Wal-Mart.

“I try to spend as little as possible, about 10 dollars every week,” Pamela Munoz, junior recreational therapy major, said.

Grocery stores that offer the convenience, Harvey’s and Bi-LO, have lower prices than the gas stations. Their prices for a 24 pack of Bud Light were $18.49 and they have member discounts.

Tonight, journey a little farther than the nearest gas station to get your budget friendly week started and remember, “We pre-game harder than you play.”