FINAL: Eagles fly higher than Phoenix 26-23

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Jannah Bolds

4th Quarter: Eagles burn Phoenix 26-23

Only five seconds into the fourth quarter, GSU’s Javon Mention sacks Elon quarterback Wilson for a loss which forces the Phoenix to kick and successfully convert a field goal from 33 yards out. The field goal ties the score up at 23.

The Phoenix kick off to the Eagles after the made field goal. The ball lands in the hands of Wilcox who returns it and ends up at the 30 yard line. The next play, McKinnon runs the ball 18 yards to the Elon 48. With 11:29 to go in the game, Youyoute gets sacked for a six yard loss and brings up second and 29 for GSU. Eagles make it to third down and attempt a field goal from 45 yards out. The field goal is blocked by Elon and turns the ball over to the Phoenix.

The Phoenix fail to convert on downs and decide to punt it away 38 yards to GSU’s Robinson and ends up at the GSU 29 yard line. With 6:30 to go in the game, McKinnon carries the ball 37 yards to the Elon 18 and accomplishes a first down for the Eagles. The Eagles then get into Elon territory and convert a 32 yard field goal with 3:40 to go in the game.

The Eagles kick off to the Phoenix after their successful field goal attempt and the Phoenix return it 16 yards to their own 22 yard line. With 2:00 left to go in the game Elon tries to convert a drive from the 50 yard line when quarterback Wilson goes for a 15 yard pass but the ball is stripped away by GSU’s Eubanks for an interception. Eubank’s interception allows the Eagles to take over at the Elon 45 yard line. With 1:23 to go in the game, McKinnon scrambles for enough yards to convert an Eagle first down. Youyoute takes a knee twice to run the clock out and ending the game with the score of GSU 26 Elon 23.

3rd Quarter: Eagles bounce back in third 23-20

At the start of the whistle, the Ph0enix kick off to the Eagles where Wilcox is there to catch and return 22 yards. A flag is called on that same play for holding on GSU which backs them up to the GSU 19 yard line. The next play, GSU’s Jonathan Bryant runs a 78 yard touchdown with 13:59 left in the third. The Eagles kick and convert the point after making the score 13-13.

GSU kicks to Elon after the touchdown and after three downs, the Phoenix offensive drive cannot convert for the first down and punts it away 47 yards for the Eagles to take over at the 37 yard line. Youyoute runs 13 yards to the Elon 32 yard line where the Eagles are able to convert a field goal  from 27 yards out making the score GSU 16 Elon 13 with 6:22 left to go in the third.

The Eagles kick it off to the Phoenix and in that same drive Elon advances and converts a 32 yard pass with 5:10 left in the third. On the next play, a holding penalty backs Elon up to the GSU 17. With the goal line 15 yards within sight, Elon’s quarterback Wilson passes to Mellette for a Phoenix touchdown making the score Elon 20 GSU 16 with 4:29 left on the clock in the third.

After the touchdown, the Phoenix kicked off to the Eagles and Wilcox returned the ball 52 yards to the Elon 41 yard line. With 3:23 to go in the third and at the Elon 30 yard line, the Eagles pull a reverse on the run from Youyoute to McKinnon to Showers who scrambles to the Elon 4 yard line. GSU’s Dominique Swope pushes through the line four yards to the endzone for a GSU touchdown with 2:10 to go in the third. The extra point attempt for the Eagles is good making the score GSU 23 EU 20.

The Eagles kicked to the Phoenix after the touchdown where the Phoenix took over at their own 24 yard line. With 1:03 to go in the third, Elon’s Wilson converted a 45 yard run to the Eagle 5 yard line. From there, the Phoenix lets time expire to move on to the fourth quarter.

2nd Quarter: Elon crawls above Eagles 13-6 at the half

Elon punts the ball to the Eagles 47 yards for Darreion Robinson who returns it for five yards to the Eagle 32 yard line. With 12:15 to go in the second quarter, the Eagles’ drive fails to complete first down and is forced to punt 47 yards to the Elon 15 yard line. Elon completes two first down conversions until GSU’s Darius Eubanks picks off the quarterback and the ball is spotted at the GSU 47 yard line.

At 9:24 to go in the half, GSU quarterback Youyoute is sacked by the Elon defense for a loss of three yards. In the next play, the Eagles fumble on the play which is recovered by Elon’s Jay Brown at the 41 yard line in Eagle territory. The next two plays, the Phoenix gather enough yardage to break into the redzone on the 15 yard line. With 5:25 to go in the half, Elon quarterback Thomas Wilson passes to Aaron Mellette who runs for a touchdown, however, a flag is thrown on the play. The penalty is called on Mellette for offensive pass interference and backs the Phoenix up 15 yards to retry the drive. Elon then lines up and converts another field goal making the score 6-6 with 4:47 to go in the half.

Elon lines up to put the ball to the Eagles where Wilcox catches and returns 18 yards to the GSU 20 yard line. With 4:28 to go in the half, GSU quarterback Youyoute fumbles the ball again on the pitch play for a loss of 14 at the GSU 6 yard line. Elon recovers the ball at the 14 yard line.

With 3:48 to go in the half, Elon quarterback throws to Mellette 20 yards out who scrambles in for an Elon touchdown. Elon’s extra point is good making the score 13-6 Elon.

The Phoenix kick the ball away 61 yards to Wilcox who returns the ball to GSU’s 22 yard line. On the next play, Youyoute runs the quarterback keeper for 41 yards to the Elon 37 yard line. The Eagles fail to convert the first down drive and punt to the Phoenix. Elon holds their drive as time expires to begin half time. The score at half time is Elon 13 GSU 6.

1st Quarter: Eagles up 6-3 in the first

The Eagle lose the coin toss and kick off to Elon which lands at the Elon 25 yard-line. For three downs, Elon’s drive gains no yardage which forces the Phoenix to punt the ball early. Elon’s punt goes 31 yards to GSU’s Darreion Robinson who makes a fair catch at the Eagle 44 yard line. After two plays, GSU quarterback Ezayi Youyoute leads his offense to the first down marker at the Elon 46 yard line. With 10:48 to go in the first quarter, GSU’s Kentrellis Showers runs a 38 yard reception from Youyoute for GSU’s first touchdown. Eagles’ extra point attempt was no good.

Eagles make a 65 yard kick to the Phoenix which starts Elon at their own 18 yard line. With 8:11 to go in the first quarter and on Elon’s 3rd and 11, the Phoenix punt the ball away 38 yards for Robinson to make a fair catch at the GSU 25 yard line. With 7:45 to go, the Eagles fumble on a pitch from Youyoute and Miles Williams for Elon recovers at the GSU 22 yard line. When the clock hit 6:25 Elon completed the third down attempt with an eight yard pass to Elon’s Aaron Mellette which puts the Phoenix in the redzone. After two more downs, Elon lines up to kick a field goal and completes it. The Phoenix put three points on the score board making the score GSU 6 EU 3 with 4:30 to go in the first.

When Elon punted the ball to the Eagles after the field goal, GSU’s Wilcox returns the ball to the 38 yard line an records a 29 yard return. The Eagle drive does not succeed at with advancing ten yards and punts the ball out of bounds at the Elon 17 yard line with 2:00 to go in the first. The Phoenix drive ends after three downs as time expires for the first quarter.