Georgia Southern pride prom set for Friday

William Cobb

STATESBORO —Georgia Southern’s Office of Multicultural Affairs is teaming up with the Gay Straight Alliance to bring Pride Prom back to GS on Friday at 7 p.m. in the Russell Union ballroom. 

The two organizations have been putting on together for more than six years.

The event is meant to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ students to be themselves, as well as get to know people who will love and respect them for it.

Pride Prom is also a chance for those students to experience the joys of prom without being afraid of any repercussions.

 “Prom is a special time for a lot of people and sometimes LGBTQ+  individuals do not get the privilege of having the experience because they are not out or it may not be safe for them to be out,” Takeshia Brown, director of Multicultural Affairs, said. “Pride Prom gives students an opportunity to have that special moment.”

This year’s Pride Prom theme is Galaxy Gala, and though there is no dress code, attendants are welcome to wear costumes or formal attire. Food, drink and music will also be provided, and the event will culminate in the crowning of the Pride Prom royalty.

William Cobb, The George-Anne news-reporter,