Change in faculty handbook could take effect after Hurricane Dorian

Nathan Woodruff

STATESBORO An update in the 2019-2020 Georgia Southern faculty handbook explains the procedure following a campus-wide emergency, and details how classes will be made up. 

One class missed can be defined as missing two class days in a row, for example, Monday-Tuesday, Tuesday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Thursday, or Thursday-Friday.

“Class time can be made up through the final exam period to satisfy the required number of minutes for the course,” section 322.09 of the handbook reads.

If up to one week of class is missed, online and out-of-class assignments on Folio will be given. Faculty are also supposed to respect the situation of their students, for example, if they have no electricity. 

If more than a week is missed, more steps will be taken.

“Faculty will use the final exam period and online or out-of-class assignments to make up the first week of missed class,” the handbook reads. “The rest of the time could be made up during holidays (spring break for example), evenings and weekends.”

The provost Carl Reiber, Ph.D., said that make-up assignments will be done on FOLIO so assignments can be online and limit any make up time.

The entire 2019-2020 faculty handbook can be found here.

Nathan Woodruff, The George-Anne Managing News Editor,