No Treadmill Today, The Trails Are Calling My Name

Meagan Greene

Most can agree that exercise is a must, but there’s no reason to settle for a boring atmosphere to get that workout in. Check out these outdoor trails around Statesboro and spice up your run.

Mill Creek Park Trail

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With 155 Acres of parkland this running/walking spot is perfect for anyone interested in a shorter run. The trail that surrounds the athletic fields is only 1.25 miles long and is completed with exercise stations such as push hands, mini skis, and sit up machines
for example. Whenever you get the itch, this park is open for business surrounded with 300 hardwood trees the landscape is breathtaking. A perfect place to get in a quick run in between classes.

S&S Greenway Trail

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Starting at the Blind Willie McTell trail in Downtown Statesboro the trail is approximately 2 miles long. After beginning at Blind Willie McTell the trail then crosses over Gentilly Road and comes to a close at Cawana Road. There are many trail markers along the way to give info about how far you have traveled. Many mediums can be used at this trail, biking, jogging, walking whatever meets your fancy. Seasonal flowers, and leafy green tree’s line the trail making it a beautiful place to jog. Anytime of the year this trail is available as a workout option. Just watch out for those bikers!

The RAC Trail

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A great place to workout on campus is the walking trail around M.C. Anderson Park which houses lighted playing fields located directly adjacent to the RAC. The trail is a continuous loop around the playing fields which is roughly a 1.5 mile distance. This is a nice place to come walk your dog and watch the intramural games going on at the fields in the center of the level track.

Blind Willie McTell Trail

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What does one have to do to get a trail named after them in this town? Well writing a song that includes then name of its origin may be a start. Blind Willie McTell wrote the song covered by The Allman Brothers Band, “Statesboro Blues,” in this song he says, “I woke up this morning, I had them Statesboro Blues.” So if you ever wake up one morning feeling a little blue head to Downtown Statesboro and go for a nice run at the Blind Willie McTell Trail and be surrounded by artistic benches and garden styled architecture. It is sure to be a run that beats any gym day.