How To: Create The Perfect Study Enviroment

Brianna Quarterman

With finals quickly approaching, it is essential that you have the perfect studying environment. Sometimes it can be hard to choose where to study. Should you go to the library? Should you study with friends? Or maybe you are considering staying at home and studying in your room?
The key to creating a study environment is making sure that it is conducive for your needs. For those choosing to study alone, the following tips will come in handy to help you create the best study space for yourself.


Candles are good for aromatherapy and calming yourself. Before studying, you may     even want to take a couple of minutes to just relax and compose yourself. Candles have           the ability to soothe and lower any anxiety you may have while studying.


Listening to calming music is always a great way to relax yourself. Soft jazz, classical, and      even listening to pop music can be a good way to create a productive study space


Using natural light instead of fluorescent bulbs is good for your eyes and helps with keeping you attentive while you study. So pull back those curtains, open your blinds and let some good ol’ sunlight shine through your windows.

Change of Environment

Every once in a while a change of location is always a good idea. For some, studying in the library all the time can actually be a distraction. Instead of always studying in your room, try going outside to take in the fresh air. A change in scenery is sure to get your studying gears going.


Plants help with respiration and release oxygen. Having a few plants underneath your windowsill will help keep the air filtered around you while studying. If you enjoy the scent of plants, you can also use them as air fresheners.


Brain foods are always the way to go. Having snacks (such as these) around to keep you alert is a great way to boost energy. Keep a few protein bars on hand you can snack on while you take breaks in between studying.

Kate Rakoczy | Student Media
Kate Rakoczy | Student Media