The Holiday Gift Guide for Your College Budget


Jeff Licciardello | Student Media

Brianna Quarterman

It’s that time of year again! Time to bundle up in our winters finest, brave the harsh weather, and find the best sales! People flock to the malls and stores to pick out gifts for their closest friends and family.
For college students, having a large amount of money to spend on gifts isn’t exactly realistic.
But just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean that you have to give terrible gifts.
Luckily for you, we have created a guide that will help you choose gifts within your budget that are actually worth giving. With prices ranging from low end to high end, this guide will be your holiday go to for gifts this season.
No matter what your budget is for gifts this year, there is a category for each budget to help you along the way.

For the Girls

Shopping for girls can be a daunting task. Especially when most girls are known for having everything they need already. So of course you think of what she doesn’t have so you can get it for her. Listed below are three fashionable picks that every girl is sure to love.

Ballin’ on a Budget

H&M Tube Scarf
H&M Tube Scarf $12.95

This tube scarf from H&M is sure to be a winner. Scarves are great gifts to give because they come in so many different colors. Having a sense of style is made easy with a scarf due to the different ways scarves can be worn. If she’s really creative, get her a scarf with her school colors to wear for school spirit.

Budget Conscious

Bath and Body Works Gift Set. $15
Bath and Body Works Gift Set $15.00

This gift set from Bath and Body Works is the perfect gift for any girl.  It is compact and great for on the go. She can freshen up on her way to class. The lotions are sure to keep her skin moisturized against the cold weather outside. There are a variety of holiday scents she can choose from.

What Budget ?

Ipsy Bag
Ipsy Glam Bag $10 per month, $110 per year

Ipsy is a mothly subscription service that is very popular for girls who like having more than option. For $10 a month, subscribers will receive a Glam Bag each month that is customized to their liking. Bags include makeup, lotions, and jewelry. The great part is by getting the monthly plan, you can cancel at anytime. Or if you’re not afraid of commitment, they offer a yearly subscription of 12 bags for the price of 11 ($110). Either way, it’s a solid deal.

For the Guys

Shopping for guys is a task within itself! Guys can be so indecisive and most don’t even want to hang out at the mall, much less shop for gifts. Listed below are three practical gifts that even your favorite guy will like.

Ballin’ on a Budget

Etsy Monogrammed Flask
Monogrammed Flask $15

All guys love a great flask ! They can be found just about anywhere and are relatively cheap. Flasks are very masculine and are great to use socially. They can even be monogrammed for a personal touch. This is a fun accessory for the guy who wants to enjoy a night out with his friends.

Budget Conscious

Timex Watch from Target
Timex Watch from Target $34.99

A man will always need a good watch. They are timeless (no pun intended), sophisticated, and come in different bands. Watches are a plus for the guy who is looking to start his future job soon. They can easily give off a very business-like appearance and many can go from “day at work” to “night on the town.” I picked one from Target that has some durability and is stylish, but you can find a watch anywhere that will impress him.

What Budget ?
Overstock Leather Briefcase Leather Briefcase $47.99

Time to prep for the future. Any guy would appreciate a leather briefcase. They are great for organizing important documents and also serve as a great accessory to a sharp suit. Briefcases are also a staple in the business world and are sure to last for many years.