Party with Caution

Donna Jones

A part of the college experience is getting out and experiencing new things. Some students join clubs, some volunteer and some… party. If partying is something you’re into, here are some tips to keep you safe while having fun.

Go out with friends

Always go out with a group of friends when going to a party. Being in a group makes you less vulnerable to getting into sticky situations (e.g. robbed, approached). Also stay with your friends the entire night. Don’t go wondering off with that cute boy, or girl, that just offered to buy you a drink.

Don’t leave drinks unattended

Did your favorite song just come on while you were taking a break from dancing? Before you rush back onto the dance floor, throw away your drink or take it with you! Leaving your drink unattended could lead to bad consequences, like having your drink spiked. Another way to make sure your drink is safe is to watch the person making or giving you the drink.

Have a designated driver

Getting to and from your destination is an important part of any night. Keep you and other drivers on the road safe by having a specific person that drives. This is a person that is to remain sober for that night and cannot be easily persuaded or folds under pressure.

If you feel uncomfortable, leave

Nothing is worse than being somewhere you don’t want to be. If you don’t feel safe at the party you’re at, don’t feel forced to stay. Gather your troop and abort the mission. It’s not considered lame it’s consider smart.  If your friends want to stay, call another friend to come pick you up from the party.

Now that you’re up-to-date on how to party safe, you are now ready to party all night long.