The All Season Wardrobe


Chad Lunsford is the head coach of the Georgia Southern football team. He is entering his third full season as head coach and has had to halt spring practice as a result of COVID-19.

Kat Lewallen

Even though it’s still January and by all accounts still winter, Statesboro weather is notoriously finicky. Learning how to transition your outfits with the weather is crucial to keeping warm in the mornings and cool in the afternoons.


In addition to adding interesting textures to your outfits, choosing the right fabric can keep you warm or cool. Opt for wool sweater or coat during the colder days and a cotton tee when it’s warm. Silk is also a great fabric because it is very versatile and transitions between seasons very well. Similarly, denim is a staple for a reason: it’s comfortable, affordable, and comes in a lot of different colors and washes.


Wearing layers is probably the most practical way to be comfortable during the changing weather. A chambray shirt is lightweight and looks great under a sweater or by itself. Blazers are an easy way to make any outfit look polished. Throw it on with a dress, jeans, khakis, a skirt, virtually anything. Longer, less structured blazer gives off a carefree vibe while a more tailored piece looks more formal and professional.


Not only are sneakers super comfortable, they are also very in style. Embrace the  athletic vibe and wear your Nikes with jeans, white tee, and lightweight jacket. Slip on shoes are even easier and give a relaxed look.


I understand if you’re not ready to give up your dark clothes just yet. Introduce color gradually with accents of    olive green, cobalt blue, pastels, purple or any bright color you fancy. And of course, everything goes with black.