10 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

Alexandra McCray

1. To not celebrate Valentine’s Day

Let’s be real, that’s not going to happen until hell freezes over…or you’re the coolest girlfriend of all time.


2. A bottle opener that says it all


3. For you to pay for dinner/make him dinner

Paying for two people all the time gets expensive, give his wallet a break.


4. For you to save yourself time and money and not make that ~AdOrable~ Pinterest craft he will never use.

Give him this one day to not have to plaster on a smile and say he loves the crappy coasters you made him.

5. Home decor that will help him be a more functional human being


6. To get straight to the point

Lets Bone

7. A poster of his favorite band/movie.

The Eagle Print Shop can turn any image you give them into a small poster for super cheap.


8. The latest stand up by his favorite comedian

You can buy and download stand up specials from comedians like Louis. C.K. for as little as $5. You can watch them together, and I promise he’ll enjoy it a lot more than “50 Shades of Grey.”


9. For you to go the whole day without looking at your phone.


10. Nude pictures obviously!

Just kidding. Nudes are never a good idea. I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence has taught us all that.