Go Mobile with Your Health: The 5 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Cabrianna Johnson

They say “the world is in the palm of your hand.” While that might not literally be true, your health could be with the help of some of these apps for your phone. There are so many health apps that it can be hard to figure out which ones actually enable results. So to make your life easier here are my top five picks for creating a healthier you.

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is a fun, little app that encourages you to drink water regularly by watering your own virtual plant daily. Based on your weight and activity level it calculates the ideal amount of water you need daily. Drinking the right amount of water keeps your plant healthy, neglecting to water it can cause it to die.



Juggling homework, going to the RAC, club meetings, and having somewhat of a social life, can make it hard to get a decent nights sleep. SleepBot is an app that is designed to track your sleep cycle and record your movements and sounds throughout the night. Also it’s a smart alarm that guarantees waking you up at the lowest point of your REM sleep so that you are not grumpy in the morning.


This app has many success stories about being a great tool for losing weight. I’ve been using it for about a week and I finally understand what the craze about this app is. MyFitnessPal is an easy to use calorie counter, and with over five million foods to choose from it’s impossible not to find your meal.

Couch to 5K

In Statesboro there are lots of 5K’s held yearly. If you are out of shape or have never even attempted to run a 5K then this app is for you. You get your own personal trainer with voice commands, GPS, and a music player to help along the way. In just eight weeks you will be 5K ready.

The Walk

This app is great for having so much fun that you forget that you’re exercising. It’s a story that will leave you wondering what will happen next, but the only way to find out is through walking. Turn walking on the pedestrium into an exciting adventure while simply walking to class.  Heads up, it is not a free app, but you really do get what you pay for; a healthier you.
Having control over health never felt as easy as simply having the right apps. The App Store can be daunting, so hopefully this list helped you narrow your options. Download the apps and see what you think about them yourself.