Add Funky Socks to Your Closet

Donna Jones

These days plain black and white socks just aren’t doing it anymore. A trend circulating on campus now are funky, cool socks. People wear different kinds of socks for many different reasons.

Why do you wear cool socks?

[quote]“I wear cool socks because they are conversation starters,”said Ashley Jones, a junior logistics major.[/quote]

[quote]“I choose to wear funky socks because it’s an over shadow of my personality. I feel like it shows how fun and how outgoing I am. And I’m able to show off my team or bright colors. Some just out of the norm because I’m just not the average guy,” said Alfonso Roberson, a senior information technology major [/quote]


[quote]“Because I don’t like to feel dull. I like to feel vibrant. If anything on me is bright, it’s my socks!”  said Candice Kelley, a junior multimedia communications major [/quote]

See if you can match the who’s socks belong to who below!

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