Easy Ways to Stay Safer in Statesboro


Calvin Wishart shoots a free throw in Hanner Fieldhouse. Wishart is a rising junior guard from Minnesota.

Kat Lewallen

Statesboro may not be as dangerous as Detroit or even Atlanta but there’s no harm in being extra safe. These tips may seem like no-brainers but they can still be easy to forget. Just remember to always be aware of your surroundings when you go out, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

  1. When walking alone at night back to your car have your keys out and ready. The less time you spend fidgeting in your purse/pocket means you’re less likely to have be victim of crime.
  2. You know those big police call boxes around campus that you ignore? If you’re ever feeling unsafe or sketched out just push the call button and a University Officer will come to your location.
  3. It’s easy to just forget and leave your nice headphones in the passenger seat of your car when you come home from the RAC. Bring your valuables inside or stash them under the seat and out of sight.
  4. Fully charge your phone and have some extra cash when you go out, in case your designated driver accidentally had a few drinks or your friends went to a different bar without you. Having enough money to get a taxi if necessary or calling a friend who stayed at home to study to come get you will ease your mind in case of a potential emergency.
  5. Every girl has been told this from the moment they left for college but it bears repeating: always keep an eye on your drink. Be careful accepting any drinks from an open source (like “hunch punch”). If someone buys a drink for you, watch it from the moment the bartender pours it until it lands in your hand. There are some sick people out there.